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Flash Workout "Move Your Body" Keeps Students Moving

Several students dancing in the gym

Pop music star, Beyoncé, recently partnered with First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative to create the Let's Move! Flash Workout. As with many songs, the name "Move Your Body" says it all. The flash workout is a dance, an exercise, and a fun activity that all students can participate in and have fun.

Over 20 students performed the flash workout in front of the entire campus to show that it is simple and easy to get involved. "It was truly amazing and I really enjoyed it" said student choreographer Kayosha Roseboro, who is studying Office Administration

For several days leading up to the showcase, students sweated out learning new steps, rhythm changes, and how to coordinate movement in a large group. The flash workout also allowed for many cultural styles of dance to be seen including dancehall, hip hop, salsa, "old school" Running Man, and today's top moves like "the Dougie".

Staying Safe with "Green" Herbicide

A student sprays herbicide as an instructor watches

We all have a role to play in the environment - after all it is where we eat, sleep, educate, and work. But putting "green" ideas, products, and techniques to work often requires unique problem solving and new ways of thinking.

Facility Maintenance Instructor Aleta Haynes knows first hand how destructive non-green products can be. "I have the opportunity to apply my experiences to the issue at hand - weeds and invasives. Knowing how non-green conventional herbicides can be, I searched for a formula that would not harm our environment or its other inhabitants". And she is more than happy to share an effective and environmentally sustainable technique. "I have found this formula to be equally effective as conventional chemicals, faster working, and about a third of the cost per unit," says Ms. Haynes.

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Page last updated: Tuesday, January 24, 2012